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Sustainability is always about keeping a wholistic wiew on things. To us, it is about finding a long term balance between people´s needs and the environment. This is our story. 


Everything we do, we do for your baby and you. Therefor quality and performance is always most important to us. We also know that caring for the environment is the same as caring for your baby’s future, and we are putting in our greatest efforts to do it all at the same time. Our way of working towards sustainability is by improving wellbeing for your baby and you while caring for the environment.

During the years, we have managed to make our diapers much lighter than they used to be, almost a fifth lighter than the previous weight.* This means that your baby can enjoy more freedom to move around. A less heavy product is also better for the environment; we use less resources, we minimize waste and transportation is made more efficient. 

This is one example of when we have managed to improve our diapers for the benefit of your baby, you and the planet.

* We have reduced product weight by 19% since 2008 which leads to less waste and unnecessary use of resources. The product weight changes are average values based on the lifecycle assessments for baby products


When we talk about well-being as part of our sustainability strategy, we do not just see it as limited to the well-being of the baby, we also care about the parents. Our ambition is to support parents in their everyday life, because they are the ones who knows best what the baby needs. For this reason we provide services that support parents in their everyday lives along with smart innovations that simply make parenthood easier.


No doubt, there is a lot to be done to improve sustainability. These are some of the things that we are doing right now...

  • Constantly improving towards more energy efficient production

  • Increasing share of renewable and recycled material in packaging

  • Smart product design for babies, parents and the environment

  • More sustainable sources of raw material

  • No harmful or unnecessary chemicals

  • Sharing our knowledge about parenting, health and hygiene

  • Minimizing waste

  • Actively supporting parents within their parenthood


  • We have reduced our carbon footprint by -16% for pant diapers and -25% for open diapers since 2008*
  • We have reduced product weight by 19% since 2008 which leads to less waste and unnecessary use of resources**
  • 20% of the material used for packaging is recycled material
  • 100% of the pulp used in our diapers is made out of FSC® Chain of Custody Controlled Wood

*Based on LCA conducted by Essity and Verified by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd 2017
**The product weight changes are average values based on the lifecycle assessments for baby products 


When we say carbon footprint, we mean the total amount of green house gases that are released into the atmosphere due to activities connected to the production, usage and waste management related to our products. Just like a step from a foot leaves a trace on the ground, human activities leaves a trace on the planet. And everyone needs to do whatever they can to minimize it.

We continuously make life cycle assessments which provides data that we can use to calculate our carbon footprint. The results now shows us that our efforts for the climate so far have payed off. Looking at our open diapers, the carbon footprint is reduced by 25% from 2008 to 2017.

And still, we have many more plans and ideas on how to reduce it further. But it is a tough challenge we have ahead. We will need courage and persistence along with your support in order to get there. 


Libero was born in 1980 in Sweden, but already decades before that we started exploring how to offer the best and most gentle diapers for Nordic babies. Since then SCA has changed name to Essity.

Now, Libero is a part of a big Essity family with many brands and products within many different categories. Essity’s work for sustainability is over spanning all products we produce. If you want to discover more about our strategy, goals and achievements you can read more here

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